The Patterson Family

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Chapter 11

The Patterson Family 


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The follow information was given to my mother Lena Lucy (Porter) Boyd, by Charley T. Patterson of Route 4, Box 22, Springfield, Missouri. He compiled this data in the year 1948 and wrote on this family record the following: "This guide to relationship no doubt contains many errors, such as incorrect spelling and use of commonly spoken names rather that true ones.

Nevertheless, I believe it may preserve information which might otherwise be lost in the course of time. I am greatly indebted to those who helpfully supplied information for me."

It should be noted that Mr. Patterson did not indicate dates of birth, death or marriages in this family record.

Family Record of MOSES and TABITHA PATTERSON. Moses Patterson and Tabitha Dodson were married in Tennessee. Tabitha came to Missouri with all her children except one, a daughter also named Tabitha.

Tabitha Dodson Patterson is buried southwest of the gate in Dodson Cemetery, near Mentor, Missouri (she was born 1795 and died 1876 according to her tombstone).

The children of Moses and Tabitha were as follows:

I. William Patterson (Uncle Billy) married Arminty Sessions. Issue 4 children:

1. William Patterson married (1) Vina Murphy (2) Briny Cantrell. Issue: 1. Mollie Patterson married Will Cloud. Had 2 children named Roxie and Ralph; 2. Maggie Patterson married E. S. Mathews. Had 2 children named Blanche and Lawrence; 3. Oliver Patterson married Lula Kinser. Had one child named Glen; 4. Wayman Patterson died infant; 5. Nellie Patterson married (1) C. Land (2) C. Kirkpatric.

2. Stant Patterson married Susan Cox. Issue: 1. John S. Patterson married Maggie Walker. Had 5 children named Alma, Stella, Fern, Norma, and Stanton; 2. Inez Patterson died young; 3. Lennie Patterson married Robert Fulbright. Had a son named Gerald.

3. Emaline Patterson married Jack Noe. Issue: 1. Amanda Noe married Butler; 2. Elbert Noe; 3. Ella Noe; 4. Ola Noe.

4. Amanda Patterson married Lant Lyman. Issue: 1. Julia Lyman died young; 2. Jim Lyman married Lula Taylor; 3. Albert Lyman married Maggie Russell. Had 2 children named Worth and Loraine; 4. Mamie Lyman married B. Frank West. Had 4 children named Bell, Alice, Edith and Lucile.

II. James Patterson (Uncle Jimmy), born November 12, 1814, died October 21, 1907. Married Susan Kerr, born September 21, 1820, died August 31, 1903. They had 7 children as follows:

1. Moses Patterson married Martha Doran. Issue: 1. Laura Patterson married (1) Fayette Malicote. Had one child named Annie. (2) John Robertson. Had 2 children named John and Sarah; 2. Walter Patterson married Nannie Hartzell; 3. Julia Patterson died young; 4. Bettie Patterson married Ed Styles. Had 7 children named Daisy, Blanche, Loyal, Wilma, Ralph, Edith, Wilber and Herbert; 5. Cordelia Patterson died young; 6. Martha Patterson married John O'Day. Had 5 children named Katherine, Ruth, John, Robert and Eleanor.

2. Mary Patterson married Frank Keltner. Issue: 1. Ella Keltner married Wes Wasson. Had 5 children named Blanch, Carl, John, Frank and Gertrude; 2. Loney Keltner married Frank Edwards. Had one child named Elma; 3. Hettie Keltner married Albert Hoffman. Had 2 children named Archie and Ethel; 4. Anne Keltner married Jacob Hartley. Had 7 children named Hazel, Ralph, Paul, Howard, John, Ethel and Harold; 5. Dee Keltner married G. Purd Hayes. Had 4 children named Gladys, Flo, Gerald and Carl; 6. Noah Keltner died young; 7. Flo Keltner died young; 8. Ethel Keltner died in infancy.

3. John Patterson married Belle Lyman. Issue: 1. Tom Patterson married (1) Kate Crenshaw. Had 2 children Mollie and Ollie (2) Lizzie Bench. Had 2 children named Ora and Mae; 2. Fred Patterson married Alice Reece. Had 1 child named Mary; 3. Lant Patterson married Carrie Twig. Had 2 children named Willard and Catherine; 4. Frank Patterson married (1) Helen (2) Alice; 5. Roscoe Patterson married Dova. Had 1 child named Lyman.

4. Bent Patterson married Ellen Woods. Issue: 1. Lula Patterson married George Cox. Had 2 children named Roger and Blanche; 2. Lonnie Patterson married Sadie Stoneman. Had 10 children named Harvey, Mamie, Pearl, Belle, Albert, Harry, Gertrude, Paul, Ward and Ruth.

5. Jane Patterson married George Cowan. Issue: 1. Minnie Cowan; 2. Zula Cowan married Ern Gaston; 3. Carrie Cowan married Joe Parsons. Had 4 children named George, Lester, Ruth and Ward; 4. Ora Cowan married Charley Scott. Had 4 children named Eula, Eva, Floy and Flavil; 5. Lucy Cowan; 6. Gena Cowan married Regis Wills. Had 3 children named Jerry, Orene and Glen; 7. Edna Cowan had a child named Kenneth. No father listed.

6. Tom Patterson married Matilda Fielden.

7. George Patterson married Janie Fielden. Issue: 1. Myrtle A. Patterson died young; 2. Iva Patterson died in infancy; 3. Clara Patterson married Ed Murphy. Had 4 children named Mildred, Harold, Wayne and Murl; 4. Jim Patterson married (1) Ritta Kisner. Had 1 child named Nina (2) Ida Reid. Had 3 children named Robert, Lella and Paul; 5. Nora Patterson married Wannie Stow. Had 2 children named Septa and Stanley; 6. Jennie Patterson married Frank Robb; 7. Viola Patterson married Lester Stone. Had 3 children named Jeanne, Jack and Joan.

8. Emma Patterson married (1) Milo Plank (2) Ely Adams. Issue by (1): 1. John Plank married Dona Harlo. Had 2 children named Wilbur and Opal. Issue by (2): 1. E. J. Adams married Dora Tunnel. Had 5 children named John, Della, Wanda, Lee and Imogene; 2. Victor Adams died in infancy; 3. Christie Adams married Lester McCafferty. Had 2 children named Dorothy and Jean.

9. Addie Patterson married Monroe Plank. Issue: 1. Roy Plank died young; 2. Oscar Plank married Jessie Rose; 3. Carl Plank married Jesse Kenton. Had 1 child named Roger; 4. Leslie Plank married Bessie Ingram. Had 3 children named Rexford, Catherine and David; 5. A girl died in infancy.

III. Lydia Patterson married James Kerr. They had nine children as follows:

1. James Kerr married Susan Lyman. Issue: 1. Emma Kerr married Louis Bibson. Had 4 children named Clyde, Floyd, Fred and Susan; 2. Fred Kerr married Maud Clark. Had 1 child named Orval; 3. William Kerr married (1) Lula Smallen. Had 5 children named Glen, Gladys, Gene, Belle and Lucretia. Married (2) Eva; 4. Jim Kerr married Effie Taylor. Had 4 children named Lyman, Lula, Frank and Emmett; 5. Maggie Kerr married (1) George Ragsdale. Had 3 children named Leon, Mary and Margaret. (2) A. H. Giehl; 6. Belle Kerr married Robert Farthing. Had 3 children named Fred, Jack and Gene.

2. C. C. (Thump) Kerr married Alice Harper. Issue: 1. Lydia Kerr married Dave Faught. Had 3 children named Octa, Lottie and Wesley; 2. Dell Kerr married Marion Keltner. Had 7 children named Everette, Laco, Bonda, Lum, Hope, Lee, Fern; 3. Laura Kerr died young; 4. Tiny Kerr married Jim Jones. Had 4 children named Ernest, Herchel, Alta and Delilah; 5. Mollie Kerr married John Beddingfield had 1 daughter; 6. Lum Kerr married Viola Jones. Had 3 children named Jean, Lafon and Fleet; 7. Landon Kerr married Laura Lebow. Had 6 children named Cena, Juanita, Don, Roy, Harold and Bob; 8. Leo Kerr married (1) Erma Sage. Had 3 children named Clell, Clee and Lexie. (2) Myrtle Rainey. (3) Kate Rainey.

3. Angeline Kerr Married (1) John Cloud (2) Jesse Robertson. Issued by (1): 1. Bob Cloud married Susan Roller; 2. Lizzie Cloud married Net Nokes. Had 5 children named Tom, Will, John, Eva and Olan. Issued by (2): 1. Sude Robertson married (1) Tom Everly. Had 4 children named Raymond, Beulah, Chloe and Marie. Married (2) Louis Brochow. Had 1 child named Frank; 2. Jim Robertson married (1) Mollie Preston. Had 5 children named Charles, Nora, Nettie, Effie and Mamie. Married (2) Teely Burks; 3. Lucy Robertson married Jim Rader. Had 6 children named Jess, Leslie, Jimmie, Maude, Nell and Rucia; 4. Eva Robertson died young; 5. George Robertson married Lizzie Tucker; 5. Minty Robertson married Horace Rader.

4. Eliza Kerr married Jim Faught. Issue: 1. Ida Faught married Seg Barnhart. Had 4 children named Fred and Austie; 2. Lillie Faught married Lee Tucker. Had 2 children named Lona and Opha; 3. Dona Faught married Alexander Meadows. Had 2 children named Lucile and Hilda; 4. Jennie Faught married Frank Richter. Had 3 children named Blond, Lois and Jerald; 5. Don Faught married (1) Mable Crown (2) Bertha Borrough. Had 2 children by (2) named Holand and Finley.

5. Katherine Kerr married John Pryor. Children unknown.

6. Henry Kerr

7. Tom Kerr

8. Ollie Kerr married (1) Will McConnel (2) Joe Cook. Issue by (1): 1. James McConnel married Alice Stephens; 2. Ona McConnel married Murrell Gott; 3. Pearl McConnell married Lawrence Jordon. Had a son. No Issue by (2).

9. Jane Kerr married Jim Harper. Issue: 1. Jim Harper married Sarah Mason. Had 10 children named Goldie, Raymond, Victor, Leo, Ester, Flora, Onis, Barbara, Nate and Vivian; 2. Hulda Harper married Alfred Braun. Had 1 child named Elsie; 3. Eliza Harper married George Haynes; 4. Susan Harper married Lyles; 5. Mandy Harper married Ed Mason. Had 8 children named Dwight, Oland, Dale, Lydia, Francis, Perry, Frank and Woodrow; 6. Perry Harper; 7. Emily Harper married (1) Louis Cotter. Had 2 children named Hollie and Lottie. Married (2) Will Rourke. Had 4 children named Hollis, Doris, Josephine and Helen; 8. Tom Harper married Amy Nash. Had 4 children named Parnell, Lovell, Mabel and Lexie

IV. Eliza Patterson married Tom Spivey. (My grandparents. See this family in Spivey chapter).

V. Polly Patterson married Bradley Samuels. They had 4 children as follows:

1. Margaret Samuels married Phil Jones. Issue: 1. Jim Jones married Arminta Kelly. Had a daut.; 2. Amanda Jones married J. A. Strange. Had 4 sons and 2 daut; 3. Susan Jones married Eli Smith. Had 2 children; 4. Jason Jones married Edna Thomander. Had 1 daut.; 5. William Jones married Nannie Bailey. Had 2 sons and 1 daut.; 6. Martin Jones married Eva Rinaker. Had 1 daut.; 7. Sarah Jones married H. E. Gerber. Had 2 daut.

2. Moses Samuels married Susan Chaffin. Issue: 1. Birdie Samuels married (1) Willie Fells. Had 3 children names Lora, Leonard and Maggie. (2) Oscar Larson. Had 1 child named Thelma; 2. Major Samuels married Minnie Kelly. Had 9 children named Beulah, Lula, Zelma, Lester, Nina, Elmer, Oliver, Marie and Minnie; 3. Elijah Samuels married Mattie Davis; 4. James Samuels died young; 5. Myrtle Samuels married Walter West. Had 2 children named Tommy and Grace; 6. Agnes Samuels married Clyde West. Had 8 children named Opal, Mildred, Bessie, Toots, Arthur, Daisy, Lois and Bettie; 7. Howard Samuels married Dolly Reece. Had 5 children named Stanley, Agnes, Junior, Winfred and Mildred; 8. Carrie Samuels married Clyde Hensley. Had 4 children named Aline, Wilbur, Nellie and Lorine.

3. Will Samuels married Martha Kelly. Issue: 1. Leora Samuels married Howard Garst; 2. Clara Samuels.

4. Jane Samuels married (1) Jim Roberts (2) Stephen Samuels died young.

VI. Tabitha Patterson married Chesley Sowell in Tennessee.