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Lawrence Gardner Boyd and Myra Carmelle Hicks and Ramona Zumwalt Hopkins Family

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Lawrence Gardner Boyd

Lawrence Gardner Boyd


1. Lawrence Gardner BOYD born 15 Jun 1952 Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. Married first Myra Carmelle Hicks 14 Jun 1980 Bibb County, Alabama. Divorced 19 Aug 1985. Married second Ramona Zumwalt Hopkins Boniedot 27 Jan 2000 Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. She married first Glen Boniedot in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri and had two children.

Occupation: Hydro-Meteorologist Technician with the National Weather Service.

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Myra Carmelle Wilson

Myra Carmelle Hicks


Myra Carmelle Hicks was born 8 November 1962 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They divorced 19 August 1985 at the Bibb County Court House in Centreville, Alabama. Received her Associates Degree in Accounting from Shelton State, Tuscaloosa, Alabama May 1999. She married (2) William Paul Wilson II William Paul Wilson II in 28 Oct 1985. She had 1 child from 1st marriage and 2 children from the second. Children from first marriage were:
Ramona Zumwalt Hopkins

Ramona Zumwalt Hopkins


Lawrence G. Boyd married 2nd Ramona Zumwalt Hopkins. Born 4 May 1952 Independence,  Jackson County, Missouri. Married 27 Jan 2000 Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Graduate of University of North Carolina Charlotte. She has 2 daughters from her 1st marriage.
bulletAngela Michelle Boniedot
bulletLori Janette Boniedot.

Caleb Taylor Boyd

Caleb Taylor Boyd

i. Caleb Taylor Boyd was born 29 August 1981 in Brent, Alabama. After parents were divorced, he lived with his mother and step-father and brothers. In the book of Who's Who 1994, 1995 and 1996. Graduated from the Alabama School of Math and Science in Mobile, Alabama June 7, 1999. Won graduating awards in Music, Latin and a Presidential Award. Attending the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. 

Angela Boniedot Smith

Angela Michelle Boniedot

i. Angela Michelle Boniedot. Born 10 Sep 1970 Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. Graduate of William Chrisman High School, Independence, Missouri. Occupation, hairstylist.  Married in Charlotte, North Carolina, Gregg Hill. Divorced 1999. One child. 
bullet Jessica Hill.

Lori Bonidot

Lori Janette Boniedot

ii. Lori Janette Boniedot. born 28 Jun 1973 Independence, Missouri. Graduated William Chrisman High School.

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